Sightseeing Nur - Sultan - museums, exhibitions, entertainment centers.
Visit to experience the brightest sides of the capital of Kazakhstan.
Bayterek monument
The unusual tower symbolizes the World Tree,
on the top of which the magic bird Samruk lives.
Climb into the Golden ball-sun, you will be impressed by the panorama,
take a photo with the palm print of the First President.
Pavilion-Sphere "Nur Alem"
technological museum of the energy of the future in the Republic and occupies 8 floors,
each of which reflects its own concept: "Future Astana", "Energy of Space", "Energy of the Sun",
"Wind Energy", "Biomass Energy", "Kinetic Energy", "Water Energy" and "National Pavilion",
located at the base of the sphere.
An exposition reflecting the ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan (more than 500 exhibits),
the traditional culture of the Kazakh people and the history of the emergence of our state.
Halls of modern history (history of independent Kazakhstan and contemporary art).
The Golden Hall is of particular interest - it contains unique finds from gold and other precious metals, as well as stones found in our country.
An unusual building in the shape of a Pyramid, designed by architect Norman Foster.
Opera Hall and Center for Contemporary Art - exhibitions and creative evenings of artists of Kazakhstan,
countries of near and far abroad.
On the top floor there is the “Cradle” hall with a glass dome, where 130 doves are depicted, symbolizing various peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Khazret Sultan Mosque
The largest mosque in Kazakhstan.
A classic example of Islamic architecture with a giant dome and 4 minarets.
Oceanarium Ailand
A piece of the endless ocean in the heart of the arid steppe zone.
The Oceanarium is the first and only one in Kazakhstan - it is considered the most remote from the ocean in the whole world.
The distance from the nearest ocean is more than 3000 km.
It is convenient to use a single smart card for a tourist
Nur - Sultan CityPASS

When planning your trip, go to the official websites, check the opening hours and the cost of entrance tickets.
It is convenient to get around the city by taxi at any time of the year - use the Yandex.Taxi and Uber applications.
In the warm season, hiking will bring you unforgettable emotions and impressions. You will be able to take a memory in the most interesting places of Nur-Sultan.
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